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Welcome to my page. My name is Tom (like you never knew that?) and I am married to Karin (Kaz) and we live in Emneth in West Norfolk. I was made in 1964 and my Birthday is 12th march. I am a train driver for First Capital Connect and drive Electrical Multiple Units (EMU) 365 & 317 trains from Kings Lynn to London Kings Cross via Ely & Cambridge. It is a quick journey really, 45 minutes to Cambridge and 90 minutes to Kings Cross. On the Fenline we can travel at speeds of 90mph and on the mainline to Kings Cross we can achieve 100mph.


 I never used to be a train driver. I left school in 1981 and joined the Army Royal Corp of Signals and left in 1983 and joined the BBC as a driver and from there went onto Film & TV vehicles for epics such as 'Indiana Jones' 'Who framed Roger Rabbit' and TV series such as 'The Good Guys' & ' Inspector Morse'. I also tried a stint at Low loader work delivering Tarmac equipment and heavy cranes up to 200 tonnes around UK.

Well your looking at a overweight slob who enjoys nothing more then to sit naked in the sun and getting that all over tan except where the belly hangs. You always get a white crease there unless you sunbathe on a slope. I have always been big built (cuddly) and no matter what diet or exercise I do I never seem to lose weight so I am doomed to be fat. Oh well could be worse....I could be a politician. I am married to Karin who is my best friend and she always has been since school days. I have known Karin since I was 11. After a failed marriage I fell in love with her and did the dirty deed and married her in July 1999. Best of all is she enjoys naturism too.

I have always been a lover of Classic cars and have owned various motors in my lifetime.

I guess you want to know how I started my interest in naturism? Well since you asked..(don't care if you never asked, gonna tell you anyway) I have enjoyed naturism since I was 16 years old. A school friend invited me on his family holiday with his drop dead gorgeous sister, mum and dad but he simply forgot to tell me it was nudist. A simple thing to forget I guess isn't it? When I got to his house on the day of the holiday his mother who happened to be gorgeous asked if he had told me about the holiday as I had the biggest suitcase. Even then none of them told me. Imagine my surprise getting to South Hants Sun club ( sadly now defunked and is a textile site now) for 2 weeks and seeing nude people about? Imagine even more my surprise seeing his Mum, Dad and Sister stripping off butt nekid and dashing off to the swimming pool. At 16 hormones run riot and us boys used to get excited seeing the back end of a bus let alone a naked female. I have to admit I was mortified and thoroughly embarrassed. For the first 10 minutes I kept the towel wrapped around me so no one could see my body and I was fine once I was in the cool pool & then my worst horror was when Jean, my friends mother picked up everyone's towel and walked to the caravan to make dinner. I had to walk with my hands covering my private parts but after 2 minutes I was walking showing all to all and since then I have loved naturism. It is not a sexual thing but to me a relaxing comfort being nude. For me there is no finer feeling then to wake up in a hot country nude, make a cup of tea or coffee and simply walk outside and greet the world with nothing but a smile. And that all over tan except the white lines where my fat belly hangs over the front.

Those of you who are brave enough or indeed sad enough to want to see my nude photos you will see them in both galleries and Gran Canarias & Eagle Peaks pages.

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