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Well this is my little bit of the WWW, world wide web but for me though the wide bit is more appropriate. I am a 1961 full bodied vintage who hates the term BBW. Call me fat, chubby, cuddly but not BBW. I am not as big as I used to be but still cuddly.

I am Karin or Kaz (krazy & Zany) born in 1961. I am a mother and grandmother & married to Tom. My birthday is May which makes me a 'Taurus' or as Tom calls me 'El Toro' . As a typical Taurus I can be nice top know but also a bull in a china shop when I lose my temper. My Chinese scope is yea of the Ox so lots of Bull I believe. 

What do I like? Well apart from my hubby lots of sex sea and sun but not always in that order. I have a love of Horses and animals in general but I do know my stuff on horses. I can usually tell breeds and models as Tom calls them. A few years ago we lost our Boxer dog and have replaced the dogs with a pair of Cockatiels. Tom calls them budgies with a Mohican and attitude.

I love history and love reading about it. I have varied interests in books but defiantly not into sloppy love books.

It has taken me a lot of time to get confidence but I do enjoy driving now and have my own little mote mote, a Renault Clio which I call Jenny because it is French and our favourite French holiday was at La Jenny nude resort. I love my little car and Tom calls me a tart as I look for accessories to tart Jenny up and often seen bombing around Wisbech.

I have had major operations including removal of my Gallbladder and double hernia so now recovering and enjoying relaxing in the sun so being a naturist really does help me. I have a 8 inch scar on my stomach but I still go nude at resorts and to be honest not many people stare or even ask how it got there.

Naturism is a big part of my life as well as Toms and we always go on nude holidays now or visit local nude swims & clubs for relaxation and socialising. For me it is a lovely feeling having an all over tan and no clothes to wash either. I have made some wonderful friends over the years at nude clubs. Social nudity is wonderful. You make more friends because you have nothing to hide and no critics either on dress code or dress sense.

Apart from nudity I love France and Spain. I am also into history in a big way and love to hear watch or read about it. I also believe in 6th sense and ghosts and goulies etc. I also enjoy posing for the camera and of course Tom is only too happy to take my photo bless his little cotton socks. I think we have taken over 600 photos over the years.

There isn't much more to write about me really, I am simple, down to earth, zany sometimes whacky sense of humour & easy going. maybe we will meet one day at a nude resort and chat over a drink or something.

Ta Ta for now. Take care & stay bare.

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