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Well done.....You got passed the Guard dogs, the meerkat & the cat with bad breath & barbed wire fence to get to our own personal bit of inter-web. Here, you will either enjoy it, throw up, or even want to join us on a beach or resort one day. Drinks are on you though cos being nude we got no pockets to carry money.

This site is about 2 not so special normal everyday folk who like to strip off and scare the neighbours and enjoy life. A massive part of our life is naturism for that all over tan. Hark i hear you call! Yes we are overweight and yes we are not models and yes it is really easy to do and cheap. Saves on the washing for a start.

This site contains our views on ourselves, friends and also contains nude photographs of us and some friends who have also lost their marbles and join us for holidays etc. And Yes you can have counselling afterwards for peeking at our photos.

Check our other pages. Go a know you want to do it.

tis us !!!!!

CLICK <<<<here for absolutely no reason

As always our thanks to our bestest best pal Mister Ken for showing us how to make a webpage and helping us when we get it all wrong