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You will never guess what this page is about.

Well maybe you will.

We are earth bound nudist aliens from the planet 'Geremoff'

Well this is us. Nothing special, nothing brilliant but plain old us.

Well where do we start? We are Tom and Karin (Kaz) and we moved from Enfield, North London to a Village just outside Wisbech on the Cambridgeshire Norfolk borders. we love it here and have settled rather nicely too. our village is wonderful and has a close knit community which we feel is very important to living here. Our nearest main towns are Peterborough 21 miles away and Kings Lynn 16 miles away. The ironic thing is Rev Awdry wrote the Thomas the tank engine books from Emneth and Tom is a train driver...Is that an omen?

We have known each other since school days and have been best friends ever since. We share the same interests and hobbies but we do have separate interests also. We have our own pages on here so you can read about each of us as individuals so this page is about us as a team.

We both enjoy classic cars and both of us enjoy getting dirty and greasy and showing them off at car shows. Alas sorting out our house we are unable to own a classic car at the moment but in time we will get another. We even used to run a car club ourselves back in London and met many wonderful friends from there.

We both share the love of naturism. We have been naturists or nudists for many years and have met some wonderful people through this lifestyle. it is a wonderful feeling being totally nude and at ease with yourself in the sunshine. We both enjoy meeting people and going on naturist holidays. You can read more about our naturism on our own individual pages. We do have some naturist photo's on our site too but please note they are not of a sexual nature. they are simply photos showing bodies. even fat ones like us but you can seek counselling afterwards so be warned.

Obviously we now both enjoy playing at web building. once you get your teeth into it, it is great fun.

For more information about each of us go to our own pages.